Acrylic Photo Blocks

Our free standing acrylic photo blocks are the perfect gift for that special someone. They say a photo can speak a thousand words, so frame your favourite photo and let it do all the talking whilst captured in our stunning gloss blocks. Perfect for the office, home or as a printed gift for someone special, acrylic block frames have all the attractiveness of glass but are unbreakable- perfect for houses with pets or young children.

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4.72 / 5 Rating
996 Reviews
Very impressed by the way the customer support team handled by issue. They quickly identified the mistakes made and within a few days I received the replacement order. Totally impressed by the quick turnaround and super care delivered.
Order placed on 12th December, it's now 8th January and it still hasn't arrived. Terrible customer service, wouldn't ever use again!!
A good quality, strong bag. The colour print on the bag was very clear and accurate to the one given.